Vancouver BC, Canada (October 16,
2022) — Shackelford Pharma Inc. (“Shackelford” or the “Company”), a pharmaceutical company developing medicines for neurological diseases with significant unmet patient needs, is pleased to announce the formal establishment of its Scientific Advisory Board (“SAB”). Shackelford’s SAB is a fully independent board composed of nine accomplished medical professionals
with deep experience in the fields of neuroscience and epilepsy.

The Scientific Advisory Board is tasked with providing objective and strategic advice to Shackelford’s Research
and Development team, as it progresses its drug development efforts towards Phase 2 clinical trials and beyond. Shackelford has named Nathan B. Fountain, M.D. Director, F.E. Dreifuss Comprehensive Epilepsy Program & Director, EEG and Epilepsy
Fellowships at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, Charlottesville, Virginia as the Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board.

The SAB will be advising an accomplished R&D team that collectively has over 320 years of drug development experience, which includes having developed 43 FDA approved drugs, including 6 anti-epileptic drugs, and 7 drugs with peak annual revenue over $1B USD.

“Attracted by the real-world patient evidence of Dr. Alan Shackelford, I am honoured to have this esteemed Scientific Advisory Board now in place. Their experience spans through neurological conditions, with particular expertise in epilepsy, endocannabinoid pharmacology and drug development, perfectly complementing our R&D team. We look forward
to their invaluable guidance as we work together to develop our first epilepsy clinical candidate SP1707,” stated Susan Learned, Head of R&D at Shackelford.

“Our R&D lead, Dr. Susan Learned has built a world class drug development team within Shackelford that is driving the development of SP1707,” stated Mark Godsy, CEO of Shackelford “The additional insights and experiences being shared by our new SAB will only serve to ensure Shackelford’s research and development activities are as efficient and effective as possible, as we focus on our upcoming FDA submission and Phase 2 clinical trial.”

Click here to watch Dr. Susan
Learned and CEO Mark Godsy speak about Shackelford’s R&D team and new SAB: VIDEO – Shackelford Pharma R&D and SAB Teams

For more information and bios of members of the Company’s SAB team, please visit Shackelford Scientific Advisory Board. For more information and bios of Shackelford’s R&D team, please visit Shackelford R&D Team.

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On behalf of the Board of Directors

Mark Godsy, CEO

Shackelford Pharma Inc.

Based upon Dr. Alan Shackelford’s real-world experience, Shackelford Pharma, Inc., was formed to develop medicines for neurological diseases with significant unmet patient needs. Members of Its world class R&D team collectively
have over 320 years of drug development experience. This includes having developed 43 FDA approved drugs, 7 with peak annual revenue over $1B USD, and 6 anti-epileptic drugs. Shackelford’s first drug candidate, SP1707, is a small molecule,
long-acting formulation targeting a specific seizure type. Please visit us at


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