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Pioneering For Patients™

"I've treated 25,000+ patients with cannabis.
I know what works.
Now Shackelford Pharma is bringing these treatments to the world."

- Dr. Alan Shackelford

creating CANNABINOID medicines based on evidence and research

Shackelford Pharma is an early stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to advancing evidence-based cannabinoid therapies for unmet medical needs. Shackelford is focused on becoming a global leader in the development and commercialization of cannabinoid based medicine.

25,000+ patients treated by Dr. Shackelford

Shackelford Pharma is built on clinical experience. Real patients with real outcomes. Our team studied this patient database to identify the best therapeutic candidates for commercial development.

Pioneering Orphan Drugs

"Orphan" diseases are rare conditions that affect small groups of people. Thanks to Dr. Shackelford's patient data base, one of the most comprehensive in the world involving actual cannabis treatments, we have 14 orphan drug candidates for potential drug development such as cluster headaches, childhood epileptic syndromes and more.

Pioneering Reliable CBD Treatments

We are bringing a pharma-approach to CBD treatments, using the precise formulations that Dr. Shackelford has pioneered. Patients will have confidence that what is on the label, is in the products. Under the Shackelford Brand, CBD products will be clinically tested and produced under strict protocols to ensure efficacy and pharma-grade quality in terms of dosages, purity and delivery.

"After CNN featured Alan's groundbreaking treatment of Charlotte for her seizures, parents brought in kids from all over the USA and world. The parents would give up everything for the treatment and products their kids needed!"


therapeutic focus

Shackelford Pharma's has a created one of the most promising pipelines in the industry. The company is focused on 6 core areas of therapeutic development: adolescent epileptic conditions, neurodegeneration, headaches & migraines, insomnia, chemotherapy induced nausea & vomiting and pain management.

testimonial from one of dr. shackelford's patients

"A team of doctors had me on 13 different pills. The side effects were horrendous. After seeing Dr. Shackelford, I went home and used his medical cannabis formulation for the first time. My husband and my parents cried, because they saw life in my eyes again."


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