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A History in epilepsy

the endocannabinoid system

The endocannabinoid system, only discovered in recent decades, may play a critical role in many important bodily functions and their dysfunction. The system has been implicated in key neurological conditions such as seizures and cognitive impairment.

Real-world evidence

Shackelford Pharma is built on Dr. Shackelford's real world evidence and insights. Over 25,000 real patients with real outcomes. SPI's team has analyzed this patient database to identify the best therapeutic candidates for commercial development. Shackelford Pharma has exclusive access to this data.

our therapeutic focus

SPI is focused on epilepsy. Our first product in development (SP1707) is for a specific seizure type that has high unmet medical needs. Our hope is to bring this new medicine through the development process to benefit the over 1 million patients suffering from these debilitating seizures.

"After CNN featured Alan's groundbreaking treatment of Charlotte for her seizures, parents brought in kids from all over the USA and world. The parents would give up everything for the treatment and products their kids needed!"


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