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A Doctor Pioneering for Patients

Dr. Alan Shackelford is a global pioneer in understanding and applying the power of cannabinoids to enhance human wellness. He is a Harvard Medical School-trained clinician with a passion for scientific research, who has developed and refined the use of medical cannabinoid formulations while treating thousands of patients.

His unique journey began in 2009 when a patient asked him to authorize cannabis to treat pain that was not responding well to conventional treatment. He was surprised and gratified that in many cases cannabinoids more effective than opiates, allowing patients to reduce and in some cases eliminate their use of opiate pain medications.

In 2012 Dr. Shackelford’s practice took a new direction when a young girl named Charlotte came to his office, her life threatened by constant seizures from Dravet Syndrome. No effective conventional treatment had been found. Dr. Shackelford suggested treatment with a high-CBD cannabis. That tailored treatment worked, marking a seminal moment worldwide in the understanding of the medical possibilities of endocannabinoid-based therapies.
Both a practicing physician and an active researcher, Dr. Shackelford graduated from the University of Heidelberg School of Medicine and completed his postgraduate medical training at Harvard Medical School. His time at Harvard included a residency in internal medicine and clinical Fellowships in nutritional and behavioral medicine. He also served as a research Fellow at the Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Shackelford is a leading voice in the responsible use of cannabinoids for patient care. He is a sought-after speaker to inform patients and doctors on the proper use of medical cannabinoids for patient care. He has been featured in numerous media publications and appeared in broadcasts in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe and elsewhere. He has also been featured in several documentaries and globally viewed events, including the CNN documentary series Weed: The Marijuana Revolution, hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and a TEDx speaker.

He has advised legislators and regulators in a number of U.S. states and many countries, including Canada, on the medical possibilities and regulation of cannabis. In his home state of Colorado, Dr. Shackelford serves on the Colorado Department of Revenue Medical Marijuana Advisory Working Group and is a member of the Medical Marijuana Scientific Advisory Counsel of the Colorado Department of Public Health.

Dr. Shackelford continues to treat patients at his Colorado medical practice focusing on helping a broad scope of people with his endocannabinoid-based medicine. He has built one of the world's most in-depth clinical databases of endocannabinoid-based therapies and how his specific formulations can benefit the health and well-being of people everywhere.

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